Be SmiLinK ;-)

SmiLink ;-) WHY & WHAT IS IT?

The idea of the SmiLink project sprung from over 30 years of experience as an operator, missing a powerful and easy way to send full HD content wireless over a distance, maintaining the same quality as supplied through wired systems, at an affordable price.


After spending all these years, using all kind of RF equipment, from analog to digital technology, we miss a powerful technique able to send HD signal through air without the typical degration and delay of the COFDM systems currently used in broadcast production.

Although the latest technology provide better performance in quality than ever, none until today has been able to reach a really useful working range, satisfying what the professionals have been waiting for for a long time. SmiLink is today the first serious answer to the professionals needs. Not only because of the long working range and the quality it offers, but also for its unprecedented and comfortable versatility as only a real modular system can provide.


A complete plug & play system, designed to be quick and easy to use, never seen until today on the professional market.

Adopting the most used V-lock mounting system, users can now transmit HD at any resolution and frame rate, with all the advantages of a compact and lightweight system. With a weight of just 200 grams, it can easily be used with drones, UAVs, hand held gimbals, mini steadicams and conventional studio and outdoor configurations using its dedicated v-mount sled.


Both receiver and transmitter have been designed to adapt in critical situations and places as well as mounted on conventional broadcast equipment such as traditional film and television cameras, directors monitor, news crews and more…

Several professional companies and free-lancers have already tested it during this last August, be the next one!

For any further info & request, do not hesitate to contact us!!!