SmiLink for all

SmiLink for all ;-)


Mini kit

But it’s not only for professionals. We strongly believe that the request for an affordable medium & long range wireless HD system could solve many situations of everyday life for all of those that need to view, transfer and/or record HD content and data over a distance without cables in their houses, offices, working facilities, halls, sporting arenas, meeting rooms, hotels, clubs and elsewhere. So we have decided to manufacture and offer here, in particular for the general consumer, the new smart MINI ENTRY LEVEL KIT of the SmiLink for the consumer and prosumer market.

Differently from other economical dongles currently available on the market or on fundraising websites, that uses streaming of up to 300 Mbit/s via wi-fi network or as an access point,  SmiLink is a true uncompressed wireless digital transmission system specific for full HD & SD video sources, utilizing WHDI (MIMO/OFDM) technology on the 5 Ghz frequency band (license free), without any encoding/decoding process and that means no compression, no artifacts and almost no delay (latency).

The SmiLink MINI ENTRY LEVEL KIT (code MKE CP01) is a plug & play and auto frequency selection device -no setup required!- able to create a point to point link (UNICAST) with its own paired receiver.

The transmitter unit looks like a USB dongle but with an HDMI input port and a mini USB connection for powering and weighs only around 30 gr./1 oz.

The receiver unit has an HDMI output port together with a 2.1 mm DC plug for power supply and shares its metal design with all receivers of the SmiLink family. It has 5 external antennas which optimizes the signal reception and makes it superior to any other similar product and has a total weight of around 425 gr./15 oz. including 5 x 5dB gain antennas.

Despite its price and dimensions, the MKE unit shares the same technology and quality of our professional lineup products.