SmiLink for Professionals

SmiLink for professional use ;-)


Mini pro kitStandard kit

Video-enthusiasts, professionals and broadcast users can now transmit HD unicast and multicast at any resolution and frame rate, with all the advantages of a modular, compact and lightweight system. Starting from a weight of just 200 grams in metal case, our longest range transmission unit can easily be used with any camera system, including DSLR rigs, all models of steadicams and gimbals, as well as with digital shoulder movie cameras (Arri, Red, Canon, Sony, etc.) or television camera/camcorders and for monitors (Sony, Panasonic, JVC, Grass Valley, Ikegami, etc.) using its dedicated V-mount sled (code SM07-VSLED).

We have designed several systems in order to fit any situation and equipment configuration. From the most critical, where space is too tight for conventional equipment, with the MINI KIT PRO (code SM22-MKPRO), to any standard broadcast portable device, such as traditional cameras, director monitors, laptops, satellite backpacks, remote cameras/head and more with the STANDARD KIT PRO UNICAST (code SM01-SKU) or STANDARD KIT PRO MULTICAST (code SM02-SKM) + the V-lock mount Sled (code SM07-VSLED).

The MKPRO is ideal when the smallest and lightest TX unit is required, while the SKU and the SKM are optimized for longer range requirements. These last 2 kits are different because of the multicast ability of the SKM, useful when more receivers are required on set, all of them receiving the same source.

Also the MKPRO has Multicast ability (point to multipoint) but with a lower working range than SKU and SKM.

For all those users that needs SDI input and output connections, the S>H Unit (code SM08-SHU) on the transmitter side and the H>S Unit (code SM10-HSU) on the receiver side, both assembled in an enclosure fitted with a V-lock mount SLED for TX and RX (code SM07-VSLED) are essential accessories.

The VSLED is also necessary with cameras, camcorders, monitors and batteries adopting the V-mount systems.